Studio «Sky Gallery». - the modern creative team which has united uncommon designers and architects for realization of qualitative and experimental architecture.

We project the objects most of different function – from huge shopping centers, hotels and yacht-clubs to spacious country houses, cozy apartments, stylish boutiques, elegant beauty shops and restaurants.

Our approach to design – a combination of High Architecture and individual Author's design. Well thought over functionality, courageous stylistic combinations, bright expressive images – a studio hallmark «Sky Gallery». it is easily recognizable. We don't limit ourselves to a framework of any one style and always we seek to propose the solutions answering to your ideas of the fine.

Identity of architectural objects and the interiors realized on our projects, emphasize qualitative natural finishing materials, and supplements author's furniture., made by highly skilled masters. Works of our studio were repeatedly published in architectural and interior magazines in architectural and interior magazines.

the strongest asset of architectural bureau «Sky Gallery». - the boundless creative potential and faultless quality. Difficult fascinating concepts of lighting, the harmonious color palette, the latest engineering equipment - we know how to create the comfortable environment for life, and we like it to create.