The open house of Casa FF from Hernández Silva Arquitectos bureau in Mexico


The two-storeyed country house of CASA FF located in the small town of Sapopan to the North from Guadalajara, is constructed in the form of the Latin letter T the main feature of the building designed by architect Jorge Luis Hernandes Silva from architectural bureau Hernández Silva Arquitectos, visual ease and simplicity of details of a design which as if float on the wooden basis is. Thanks to asymmetry of the building on the first floor large open spaces in which the architect placed a spacious terrace and the picturesque pool are formed. The main entrance architect Jorge Luis Hernandes Silva Jorge Luis Hernández Silva arranged in a lateral wing of the building behind which there is an internal court yard with a green lawn and the open pool. The semantic center of a country house is the drawing room uniting two floors in uniform space. From an entrance the drawing room is separated by the small pool, on the other hand through panoramic windows the magnificent view on an internal court yard opens. Between a drawing room and an open terrace the spacious dining room with panoramic windows and glass doors on a terrace settles down. Located in a shadow of designs of the second floor the terrace has to, on a plan of architects, to become one of the main centers of gravity of owners and guests of the house. And thanks to soft and warm climate of Guadalajara rest on a terrace will be demanded at any time years. The long narrow corridor stretched from garage to a dining room opens a view of an internal court yard with the pool, at the same time hiding you from foreign views creating feeling of a privacy.


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