Qualitatively and in detail executed drawings exclude mistakes at object creation. Professionally executed project is an accurate instruction for construction or repair where there are answers to all questions which only can arise. In it all is reflected – from such global things, as planning and a choice of designs, to trifles – arrangements of each electric socket and drawing of an apportion of a tile.

The Set of drawings is developed by in common whole group of experts: architects, designers, designers, engineers on different types of communications. All drawings are carried out in strict accordance with the Russian standard construction documentation (Construction Norms and Regulations, etc.).

Each project includes such sections, as:

- Architecture (the measurement drawing, plans of rooms after re-planning, development of walls, facades, etc.).

- Designs (plans, cuts, constructive knots).

- Water supply and the sewerage (plans of engineering networks and a bathroom equipment binding).

- Heating, ventilation and conditioning (engineering networks, a binding of heating devices, ventilating systems and the equipment).

- Lighting and the electrician (placement of power supply networks, an arrangement of illuminants, sockets and switches).

- Design (drawings of an apportion of finishing materials, color scores).

- Drawings of author's furniture and products to order (at their existence in the project).

The Complete set of drawings becomes the basis for of drawing up the detailed estimate materials and the equipment is gives the chance to calculate precisely the cost of implementation of the project which remains invariable. On the basis of drawings visualization giving a reliable "photographic" idea about object prior to construction and repair work also is carried out.