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          Sky Gallery - A modern and creative tandem, bringing together outstanding architects and designers to implement qualitative and experimental architecture. Modern interior concept is the creation of expressive and unique synthesis of high-style architecture, and at the same time simple and aesthetic way that the structure is dictated by the discerning author's design. Dynamic apotheosis boldest architectural and design solutions, embodied in reality, the functional meaning and original solutions, fill the space with fresh design.Easily and effortlessly blending different styles, subtly gain compositional harmony. Creating a cozy, elegant single-color, underlining the refined geometry. Complicated images of different sizes gone dvizhenie.Igra space in light and shadow, creating a volume that is pleasing to the eye, acts on the person so that it is not possible to explain what is like. A well-designed project will be and draw a dream in a dazzling image of the interior, the place where you want to pull the irresistible and addictive power that it will be impossible to resist. All around us, was conceived in the form of ideas, which were transferred to the compositional harmony of the paper, and then translated into a visual reality. SKy Gallery - will formulate the highest and best quality, using our strongest asset: creative design.

Bathroom Stairway Original ceiling in a house corridor Exclusive ceiling Exclusive hall Dynamic ceiling in a drawing room Baccarat kitchen with the island


         Each person wants to create the unique interior reflecting it character, ambitions and a way of life; weakening space where will comfortably spend time and have a rest. The individual interior is inconceivable without author's furniture. Designed with caring and skillful hands of the designer who is making out your apartment, restaurant, office or a cottage, furniture to order will perfectly add stylistics of the room and will make you the happy owner of an exclusive.

Author's furniture – one of the important directions of work of architectural studio "Sky Gallery" . The design furniture becomes logical continuation of our interiors, their accent, feature. We offer non-standard approach to its creation:

- At us isn't present sample furniture, we approach to each subject of an interior individually. We specialize on a tree furniture, metal, a stone, flew down, various artiExclusive table in an office from the massifficial materials. When finishing fabrics, the skin, the gilded, silvered, bronzirovanny accessories are used.

- Furniture in our execution exceeds the European analogs on quality. Use of the most modern foreign and domestic materials and hi-tech process of assembly provides to b long term of its operation.

- the Individual furniture to order creates respectable image of inhabited space. Even is quite enough one subject to change an interior of an office, a dining room or a drawing room.

- Over a home decoration work high-class masters therefore the furniture turns out not only beautiful, but also strong, ergonomic and durable.

- Indisputable advantage of author's furniture - rational use of free space within the uniform concept. Our designers will beat each centimeter of an interior, will make it expressive and interesting. The furniture to order allows to issue non-standard spaces beautifully.


Exclusive dresser in the single copy Design table in an office Original dresser in the form of a rack Unique dresser from the massif


         In a portfolio of architectural studio «Sky Gallery» - ten realized projects of interiors in the most different styles, from splendor of the modernized classics to severity of a modernism. The organization of inhabited spaces in apartments and country houses – the main direction of our work in which we reached high level of skill.

Our interior concepts become result of expressive and unique synthesis of high Architecture and the simple and esthetic images dictated by Author's Design. Dynamism of the courageous decisions turned into reality, well thought over functionality and clearness of structural constructions fill space with fresh ideas.

Of the Combination of different styles, game elements and ease, distinguishing our projects, give to interiors composite symmetry and help to create the cozy uniform volume emphasized with refined geometry. Difficult images of different scale recover space. The play of light and shadow creatEnglish office from the tree massif with textile wall-paperes uniform composition which pleases a look and influences the viewer so that he receives positive emotions from harmony.

We believe in what the Designer – the legislator and the engine of interior fashion. In total that surrounds us, at first arose in the form of the ideas postponed for paper, and then was realized. We are ready to develop for you the project which will embody your dreams of the ideal dwelling. Worked to each detail and presented in drawings according to all necessary sections and visualization, it becomes the first step to creation of a magnificent interior. Houses where will delay force and fascinating majeure, places where walls help even.

A Wide choice of the natural finishing materials, difficult fascinating concepts of lighting, the harmonious color palette, the latest engineering equipment – we know how to create the comfortable environment for life, and we like it to create. Examples of our works – a basis for future creative searches of your house.


Drawing room in Loft Open space style Unique office Gentle bedroom with textile design Bathroom with a glass mosaic


         Architectural studio «Sky Gallery». I acquired an extensive experience in design of Shopping centers. Active development of regional construction allowed to expand in recent years a portfolio of our projects in this sphere. Each our project of Shopping center is individual. Their distinctive features:

- Attention not only to construction and engineering aspects, but also to a figurative, architectural component: symbiosis of the rational and irrational basis, the weighed approach to design.

- The Wide palette of "tools" for navigation simplification - careful distribution and the direction of flows of buyers, use of curvilinear and broken lines of the internal facades, difficult drawing of a floor and a ceiling, use of effective visual dominants. All this directs visitors and helps them to go with pleasure on Shopping center, saving time and at the same time inducing to Night exterior Trade and Entertaining Centerdo shopping in the maximum number of shops.

- Integrity of an image, communication of interiors with facades, visual appeal, compliance of the marketing concept of the company of the customer – result of competent work of our designers.

- The Difficult geometry of interiors "breaks" habitual stereotypes, allowing to overstep the bounds of usual perception. Galleries are designed so that, walking on them, visitors see some more shops into which there is a wish to come. Therefore all internal space of Shopping centers works for 100%, that is very important for effective business.

In the Shopping centers realized on projects of our studio, is pleasant to spend time all family. The spacious galleries, the thought-over ergonomics and iridescent colors make bright impression and the festive atmosphere, allow an eye to have a rest from a dullness and dullness. It spaces to which there is a wish to come back.


Design of the Atrium in Shopping center
bathroom Design lamps in Shopping center The original project of gallery in Shopping center The lift hall of an atrium in Shopping mall


         The architecture and interior design can't exist without continuous dialogue between the founders and consumers. We seek to leave after ourselves as much as possible beauty and a cosiness. Forming Wednesday where people could feel comfortably and safely, projecting interiors where happy families are established and happy children grow, we support an exchange of open and useful information.

Each publication about our works in the specialized press is a fascinating travel to the design world. Creating houses and interiors, we do it from heart and we put in each project a particle of the soul. We never refuse explanations and are always ready to share the knowledge and experience with readers.

Of the Publication of our projects in interior magazines aThe published projects in the magazine Beautiful Apartmentsnd on sites tell about our projects from an initial plan before realization and help to show to readers a qualitative and ergonomic product which is created in studio «Sky Gallery». Taking out on public court the interesting and daring ideas, we are glad when it leads to new acquaintances, labor relations, partnership and, certainly, to work on new projects.

We want that also you entered dynamic dialogue with innovative, and at times and moderately conservative design of our bureau. Probably, our works will help you to decide on style and image of your future house or the apartment, to find answers to any practical questions, become a source for inspiration.

Of Article about our interiors can be read here:


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         If you already made the decision on construction of own private house, not to do without development of its project. Feature of projects of «Sky Gallery». studio - a combination of comfortableness and ergonomics of country housing to eccentricity and experimenting. In it guarantee of our success.

Private inhabited architecture in our understanding – art and intelligent art of modeling of ideas. Created on one breath, it helps to reach internal freedom and to us, the authors, and you, her final "consumers", owners of houses. Consistently passing all design stages, we come to internal liberation, sometimes contradicting the common notions and canons. But it subsequently by right does our objects by local architectural sights.

the Embodiment of your dream of the ideal house - a task responsible and at the same time adventurous. It Dream Housesgives the chance to expand the horizon of activity and to bring architectural plans to full esthetic perfection.

the Architectural studio «Sky Gallery». has a wide experience in design of private country houses and cottages.

our company unites team of highly qualified specialists who with responsibility treat the work. Attention and individual approach to each customer – a corporate style of our bureau. Skilled professionals will help you to decide on functional filling of the house, its areas and number of storeys and to choose the best materials for construction. The correct interaction of architects, designers, engineers, builders and designers guarantees you creation of the project of the private house for life and the rest considering all features and wishes of your family. The house which will please you for many years.


The house with an original roof The house project over falls Exclusive project of the house Dynamic and brutal house


         Tic – one of the most valuable breeds of a tree in the world, rare on the beauty. The expressive texture, golden-brown shade with effect of shine and unique properties made it one of the most demanded in the most different areas – from shipbuilding to interior and landscaping.

Growing in South East Asia, contains a tic in the composition of pitch, rubber and biologically active agents. It provides its water-repellent properties, chemicals resistance, rotting and insects. At contact with metals the tic doesn't break up and doesn't blacken – ideal qualities for use on the sea. Tic on yachts – an example of elegance. It decorates decks of thousands floating vessels and remains a stronghold of the ship-building industry within several centuries. The tic was also actively used in oil fields of the Middle East as it – the only grade of the wood, capable to resist to an arid climate of the desert and not to carry out electric sparks which cBathroom with elements of a tikovy decorould cause explosion. This species of a tree is often applied and in the chemical industry because of its durability and ability to resistance to chemicals.

Popularity of a tic grows In architecture, interiors and landscape gardening design from year to year. Options of its use are diverse: floor coverings and floorings, doors and window frames, furniture for the house and a site, a sculpture and small architectural forms. Tikovye coverings – from floorings decks from wide boards to a parquet and a mosaic, - are capable to change any room or space open-air. High humidity, differences of temperatures, winter drifts of snow, autumn rains, - to a tic aren't terrible any vagaries of the weather, it doesn't need additional coverings.

We with pleasure use a tic in the projects, including interiors of bathrooms and pools. This strong, durable and very beautiful grade of a tree brings motives of the real luxury in architectural concepts.


Facing of a floor of a font by a tic Dignity/knot with finishing by a tic Dressing by a car tic Tikovy deck


         Архитектурное бюро «Sky Gallery». не только разрабатывает проекты интерьеров, но и претворяет их в жизнь на самом высоком качественном уровне. Ремонт под ключ – одно из направлений нашей деятельности, которое поможет Вам сэкономить силы и время.

Работа начинается с встречи с Вами и обсуждения того, что Вы хотели бы получить в результате. Первая встреча может происходить в нашем офисе. Следующий этап – выезд на объект и проведение замеров. Он может осуществляться как с Вашим личным присутствием, так и без него. Затем составляется смета (предложение). После согласования и утверждения сметы происходит подписание договора, который является официальным документом. Преимущества ремонта под ключ очевидны:

- Мы самостоятельно приобретаем все необходимые материалы и проводим согласования в контролирующих органах. Вам не нужно отвлекаться на эти рутинные действия, которые зачастую связаны с тратой нервов и временными потерями. При необходимости, мы проводим эIndividual project ladder for a country houseкспертизу объекта, сами получаем заключения и взаимодействуем с подрядными организациями.

- Наша компания очень дорожит своей репутацией, поэтому ремонт жилых помещений производится точно в срок и в полном соответствии с условиями договора. Стоимость, оговоренная специальными пунктами договора, не меняется ни в коем случае. Вы можете заранее спланировать бюджет и точно знать, что не придется выходить за его рамки.

- Ремонтные работы на объекте производятся с использованием новейших строительных технологий. Качество производимых работ находится на самом высоком уровне благодаря применению лучших отделочных и строительных материалов. Если работы ведутся по проектам, выполненными нашими архитекторами и дизайнерами, это вдвойне гарантирует точность соответствия результата первоначальному замыслу.

Фотографии по ремонту жилых помещений под ключ смотрите в разделах: «Авторский надзор» и «Интерьеры» .


Exclusive staircase in Barvikha Original ladder in a country house Ladder with beautiful rail-posts Ladder in a quality country house


         Architectural bureau «Sky Gallery». not only develops projects of interiors, but also realizes them at the highest qualitative level. Turnkey repair – one of the directions of our activity which will help you to save forces and time.

Work begins with a meeting with you and discussion of that you would like to receive as a result. The first meeting can occur at our office. The following stage – departure on object and carrying out measurements. It can be carried out both with your personal presence, and without it. Then the estimate (offer) is formed. After coordination and the approval of the estimate there is signing of the contract which is the official document. Advantages of turnkey repair are obvious to:

- We independently get all necessary materials and we carry out coordination in supervisory authorities. you don't need to distract on these routine actions which are often connected with expenditure of nerves and temporary losses. If necessary, we carry out expe object tise, VIP drawing room repairwe receive the decisions and we interact with contract organizations.

- our company very much values the reputation therefore repair of premises is made precisely in time and in full accordance with terms of the contract. The cost stipulated by special clauses of the contract, doesn't change by no means. You can plan in advance the budget and precisely know that it isn't necessary to leave for its framework.

- Repair work on object are made with use of the latest construction technologies. Quality of performed works is at the highest level thanks to application of the best finishing and construction materials. If works are conducted according to the projects, executed our architects and designers, it doubly guarantees the accuracy of compliance of result to an initial plan.

Of the Photo on repair of turnkey premises you look in sections: "Architectural supervision" and "Interiors". .


Repair with stucco molding application Highly high-quality repair in a drawing room Installation of columns in the apartment at repair Finishing of niches at repair by a decorative stucco molding


         The soul wanders in a dream, moving in other bodies, places and times. Illusions are necessary to it, as oxygen to an organism. Wakefulness loads with cares, and the person is protected from them by a fragile barrier of imaginations, dreams, déjà vu, beliefs in the immortality and in The one Who Above. We are children of stars, the certificate to that calcium in our bones and iron in our blood, but intention to make happy the person isn't included into Universe plans. Sooner or later it understands everyone, looking for the way of an escape from reality, at least for a while.
For gifted people this way - creativity, creation of own world. Artist's soul as the sensitive device, accepts the signals going from the collective unconscious – mysterious storage of genetic memory, a collection of images and the symbols fixed in the millennia of mental evolution.
The Personal mythology reflected in works, becomes special way of judgment of the world and the person in it. The main component of the myth – the Hero. The knight, Angel, the Maiden - the symbols interpreting reality. The plan of the artist hides in the metaphorical images which don't have unambiguous interpretation as have no distinct interpretation the dreams coming from our subconsciousness. Whether we hear ourselves?
Of the Picture remind images on the ancient gobelins decorating walls of the European medieval castles. And nearby the parallel world - a privacy, a prayer, service to the great Lady. Female images are ennobled, almost incorporeal. These are rather dreams of the escaping beauty unattainable, as the horizon line. The stylistics are difficult and loaded with game of associations which, according to Albert Einstein, precedes logical work of thinking, bring him out of limits of habitual reality.
The Artist reveals the hidden energy of color, its mystical ability to mix up with other flowers, finding other essence. Red color of love, absorbing bitterness of sufferings, becomes dark red, claret, as shades of a noble Bordeaux in a glass where the candle flame is reflected. Silver patches of light of a moonlight play on pearl gray silk of a freakish headdress of the Maiden, mysterious, as the Moon operating love. Color causes emotions. Violet gives rise in soul to nostalgia, emerald-green gives hope of a consolation, gold - warms light of the divine sun.
Of the Image of animals, birds and fishes in creativity, as well as color, are metaphoric. They work as powerful tools for creation of a certain mood. Fine animals and beautiful women in pictures bewitch freak of the imagination of the artist, exciting the imagination. Slender graceful fingers remind stalks of exotic plants. Birds symbolize soul, possibility of that is impossible. Horses personify an unbridled passion, prompt search of the new. The metaphors introduced in subconsciousness start leading own life, interacting with illusions of the one who perceives them.
Creativity is entered in a wide cultural context. It demands the experienced viewer knowing Borches and Humberto Eko, Ioseliani and Salvador Dalí's Flock. The artist - at the peak of a career. Invaluable experience which in itself doesn't do is saved already up is richer, is happier, doesn't rescue from existential loneliness. But experience helps to understand with what exactly we are rich as far as - are lonely when - are happy.


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