"Ladders if they are light, spacious and easy for circulation are praiseworthy: because, being those, they attract the person to rise on them... " Andrea Palladio, 1570. It is perfectly told! These words of the outstanding Italian architect of an era of the Renaissance very precisely define the main mission of architecture — to serve the person.

Thus a key problem of architecture with a current of time doesn't change at all, and only appears again and again in the most different forms. The main functional demands made to buildings and their designs including to ladders, at all times remain same, but technologies are improved. B our days of a ladder become not only a vehicle of the person in space. Besides main "calling", all of them turn into one of the main elements of an interior more actively, helping to create the appearance a certain atmosphere and mood in the house. For this reason for the modern architect so is important to define correcIndividual project ladder for a country housetly an installation site of a ladder and to choose its design and materials, from which it will be made by b. The palette of materials and technical capabilities in designing of ladders is so wide today that allows to realize any imaginations and creative rushes.

Studio «Sky Gallery». carries out design and production of ladders to order, organically supplementing our interiors. Creative approach and knowledge of technologies, wide experience and attention to details – all this gives the chance to us to create ladders which will satisfy completely to your desires and requirements. We work with different styles from classics and a modernist style to minimalism and high-tech, using a wide range of natural materials: tree, stone, metal, glass. Reliability, convenience and ergonomics, elegance and faultless quality – our ladders will decorate your house, office or the apartment.


Project ladder for the cottage Ladder from the massif in a country house White ladder on the 2nd floor Ladder in details Ladder with original rail-posts Original ladder with internal space Gray ladder for a country house Gray ladder for a country house Individual ladder in a country house Exclusive ladder Ladder with original steps Ladder for the house from a bar Individual project of ladder march Ladder flight in a country house Original handrail of a ladder in a country house The forged ladder in housing estate The project of a ladder aperture for a big, open zone