The soul wanders in a dream, moving in other bodies, places and times. Illusions are necessary to it, as oxygen to an organism. Wakefulness loads with cares, and the person is protected from them by a fragile barrier of imaginations, dreams, déjà vu, beliefs in the immortality and in The one Who Above. We are children of stars, the certificate to that calcium in our bones and iron in our blood, but intention to make happy the person isn't included into Universe plans. Sooner or later it understands everyone, looking for the way of an escape from reality, at least for a while.
For gifted people this way - creativity, creation of own world. Artist's soul as the sensitive device, accepts the signals going from the collective unconscious – mysterious storage of genetic memory, a collection of images and the symbols fixed in the millennia of mental evolution.
The Personal mythology reflected in works, becomes special way of judgment of the world and the person in it. The main component of the myth – the Hero. The knight, Angel, the Maiden - the symbols interpreting reality. The plan of the artist hides in the metaphorical images which don't have unambiguous interpretation as have no distinct interpretation the dreams coming from our subconsciousness. Whether we hear ourselves?
Of the Picture remind images on the ancient gobelins decorating walls of the European medieval castles. And nearby the parallel world - a privacy, a prayer, service to the great Lady. Female images are ennobled, almost incorporeal. These are rather dreams of the escaping beauty unattainable, as the horizon line. The stylistics are difficult and loaded with game of associations which,Angel. (Tush, Pen) I. Nikitin according to Albert Einstein, precedes logical work of thinking, bring him out of limits of habitual reality.
The Artist reveals the hidden energy of color, its mystical ability to mix up with other flowers, finding other essence. Red color of love, absorbing bitterness of sufferings, becomes dark red, claret, as shades of a noble Bordeaux in a glass where the candle flame is reflected. Silver patches of light of a moonlight play on pearl gray silk of a freakish headdress of the Maiden, mysterious, as the Moon operating love. Color causes emotions. Violet gives rise in soul to nostalgia, emerald-green gives hope of a consolation, gold - warms light of the divine sun.
Of the Image of animals, birds and fishes in creativity, as well as color, are metaphoric. They work as powerful tools for creation of a certain mood. Fine animals and beautiful women in pictures bewitch freak of the imagination of the artist, exciting the imagination. Slender graceful fingers remind stalks of exotic plants. Birds symbolize soul, possibility of that is impossible. Horses personify an unbridled passion, prompt search of the new. The metaphors introduced in subconsciousness start leading own life, interacting with illusions of the one who perceives them.
Creativity is entered in a wide cultural context. It demands the experienced viewer knowing Borches and Humberto Eko, Ioseliani and Salvador Dalí's Flock. The artist - at the peak of a career. Invaluable experience which in itself doesn't do is saved already up is richer, is happier, doesn't rescue from existential loneliness. But experience helps to understand with what exactly we are rich as far as - are lonely when - are happy.


Phoenix. (Tush, Pen) I. Nikitin The girl with the earring (Carcasses, Feather) I. Nikitin Girl (Carcasses, Feather) I. Nikitin City (Carcasses, Feather) I. Nikitin Poultry (Carcasses, Feather) I. Nikitin Africa (Carcasses, Feather) I. Nikitin Puma (Ink) I. Nikitin Gorilla (Ink) I. Nikitin Panther (Charcoal, Sepia) I. Nikitin Owl (ink) I. Nikitin Rose (Graphite, Acrylic primer) I. Nikitin Garnet (Graphite, Acrylic primer) I. Nikitin Girl with a book (Carcasses, Feather) I. Nikitin Diptych - Life and Death (Graphite, Potal) I. Nikitin Diptych - Life and Death (Graphite, Potal) I. Nikitin Girl (Ink) I. Nikitin