Architectural bureau «Sky Gallery» not only develops projects of interiors, but also realizes them at the highest qualitative level. Turnkey repair – one of the directions of our activity which will help you to save forces and time.

Work begins with a meeting with you and discussion of that you would like to receive as a result. The first meeting can occur at our office. The following stage – departure on object and carrying out measurements. It can be carried out both with your personal presence, and without it. Then the estimate (offer) is formed. After coordination and the approval of the estimate there is signing of the contract which is the official document. Advantages of turnkey repair are obvious to:

- We independently get all necessary materials and we carry out coordination in supervisory authorities. you don't need to distract on these routine actions which are often connected with expenditure of nerves and temporary losses. If necessary, we carry out expe objecRepair in the elite apartmentt tise, we receive the decisions and we interact with contract organizations.

- our company very much values the reputation therefore repair of premises is made precisely in time and in full accordance with terms of the contract. The cost stipulated by special clauses of the contract, doesn't change by no means. You can plan in advance the budget and precisely know that it isn't necessary to leave for its framework.

- Repair work on object are made with use of the latest construction technologies. Quality of performed works is at the highest level thanks to application of the best finishing and construction materials. If works are conducted according to the projects, executed our architects and designers, it doubly guarantees the accuracy of compliance of result to an initial plan.

Of the Photo on repair of turnkey premises you look in sections: "Architectural supervision" and "Interiors".


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