Architectural supervision

To provide full compliance of performed construction repair work Design to the Project of your house, the apartment, office or any other object, you can conclude with architectural studio "Sky Gallery" the separate contract for implementation of Architectural supervision.
the Cost of architectural supervision pays off separately and includes:
- the Complex of actions for implementation of architectural supervision for ensuring of full compliance of architectural and stylistic, technological, construction and other decisions, approved by the Customer, documentation Design of the Project by production of repair construction works.
- Departures on object during the whole period of works before object acceptance in operation. During departures inspection of carried-out works to decisions Design of the Project, provided by working drawings, observance of technologies and quality of construction, finishing works and installation of the engineering equipment is made.
- the Operational solution of the questions arising in the course of construction.
- Consultation of the Customer and his representatives according to the Project developed Design.
- Search of the organizations which are carrying out in a row on separate types of repair construction works according to Design by the Project.
- Purchase and delivery of the finishing materials which are in due time paid by the Customer.
Travel expenses of our architects and designers for trips on objects are paid by the Customer in addition.