A unique table in a single copy


Furniture - a sure way to emphasize your individuality. In an era of mass production, when the housing environment becomes impersonal, furnishings, designed and constructed in a single copy, breathe in your home or apartment and a new life will be a source of pride.

unique handmade table will emphasize solid nature of your office. The inspiration for this design was the subject of an exclusive period of antiquity. Gladiator armor, swift chariots, ancient temples with Corinthian columns - all these images are read in the guise of a brutal, deep, solid wood table with dynamic shapes and lines.Fine ornamental carving, upholstered in leather top, a comfortable ergonomic mechanisms of opening drawers - every detail of the author's work emphasizes the high quality of performance.

majestically past, the future favorably. Seated at a similar table will no doubt do great things, affecting the fate of the world.