Tic – one of the most valuable breeds of a tree in the world, rare on the beauty. The expressive texture, golden-brown shade with effect of shine and unique properties made it one of the most demanded in the most different areas – from shipbuilding to interior and landscaping.

Growing in South East Asia, contains a tic in the composition of pitch, rubber and biologically active agents. It provides its water-repellent properties, chemicals resistance, rotting and insects. At contact with metals the tic doesn't break up and doesn't blacken – ideal qualities for use on the sea. Tic on yachts – an example of elegance. It decorates decks of thousands floating vessels and remains a stronghold of the ship-building industry within several centuries. The tic was also actively used in oil fields of the Middle East as it – the only grade of the wood, capable to resist to an arid climate of the desert and not to carry out electric sparks which cDecorating a bathroom with teakould cause explosion. This species of a tree is often applied and in the chemical industry because of its durability and ability to resistance to chemicals.

Popularity of a tic grows In architecture, interiors and landscape gardening design from year to year. Options of its use are diverse: floor coverings and floorings, doors and window frames, furniture for the house and a site, a sculpture and small architectural forms. Tikovye coverings – from floorings decks from wide boards to a parquet and a mosaic, - are capable to change any room or space open-air. High humidity, differences of temperatures, winter drifts of snow, autumn rains, - to a tic aren't terrible any vagaries of the weather, it doesn't need additional coverings.

We with pleasure use a tic in the projects, including interiors of bathrooms and pools. This strong, durable and very beautiful grade of a tree brings motives of the real luxury in architectural concepts.


Facing of a floor of a font by a tic Decorating a bathroom with teak Facing of a floor of a font by a tic Fodder extremity Nasal part Deck option on hatches The reconstructed fodder part The deck on a crinoline Figured finishing of a tank by a tikovy lath Option of an adjunction of laths to a midship section Facing кабестана tikovy lath Artificial tikovy covering Transition from шкафутов to a tank Ladder Exit Table facing Top steering post The deck on a tank Artificial tikovy covering The deck in a cabin with white sealant Floor in a shower cabin Table from the tic massif the compound Tikovy deck Shower part knot dignity Shower part knot dignity Floor in salon on yacht technology Floor in salon on yacht technology Table-top - imitation of the tikovy deck Table-top - imitation of the tikovy deck Finishing of dashboards Tikovy floor Finishing of dashboards Tikovy floor and armrests Tikovy floor and armrests Box for yacht footwear