Visualization helps to apprehend the volume of the house, the apartment or separate object. Modern programs of three-dimensional modeling give the chance to create realistic 3D images, to show objects from different advantageous points of the review and even to make virtual walks on future interior. If a set of drawings the expert can "read" only, precisely representing according to them future picture of object, language of visualization is available to any person.

Three-dimensional graphic models of buildings and interiors are created for some stages. At first the arrangement, forms and the sizes of the main parts of virtual architectural object – the planes of walls, floors and ceilings, windows and doors is set. Then the color scale is selected, and invoices of finishing materials are set: stone, tree, glasses, metal, decorative plasters. After that arrangement of natural and artificial lighting is made, and "virtual cameras" - points from which the object will be perceived get out.

The Main advantage of visualization – possibility of updating of the project prior to construction and finishing works. When you visually see the future house, office, shopping center or an apartment interior, if necessary it is easily possible to make changes to color scores, a decor, an arrangement of illuminants. And then brought to perfection and project completely approved by you won't give unexpected surprises at realization, and becomes an exact embodiment of an architectural plan and your ideas of an ideal.